dear Potential


During my career at ASU, I have been lucky to work with a diverse group of students whose interests range vastly.

I find that in the classroom, I am inspired by my students as, I hope, in turn they are inspired by me.

I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in environmental literacy criticism, environmental justice critical theory, food justice, ethnic American literatures and global indigenous studies. My courses focus on the environmental humanities, film and theory. I encourage students to develop a creative critical consciousness in regard to environmental and social justice issues.

I am the Director of the Environmental Humanities Certificate. This is an undergraduate certificate program which offers a humanities-based approach to exploring the relationship between human culture and the environment.

I direct the work of PhD and MA students in environmental humanities, feminist theory, cultural studies, science studies, food justice, indigenous studies, and sustainability studies. Also, I work with my students to develop proper professional etiquette as they prepare for opportunities that may come in the future.

The two sub-pages to this section will give you an idea of some of the books and films that I use in my classes; however, keep in mind I often change texts in order to provide fresh and current classroom material.


Joni Adamson