Wecolme to my website! For over twenty years, I have been working as a literary and cultural theorist to help build the fields of environmental justice critical studies, American Studies, indigenous studies, and the environmental humanities. In 2012, I was honored to serve as President of the Association for the Study Literature and Environment (ASLE), an organization with over 1800 members in 41 countries around the world. From 1999 to 2010, I founded and led the Environment and Culture Caucus of the American Studies Association (ASA-ECC). I am currently a Convener of the North American Observatory of the Humanities for the Environment (HfE) international networking project.

My recent publications include several co-edited collections: Humanities for the Environment (Routledge 2017); Ecocriticism and Indigenous Studies—Conversations from Earth to Cosmos (Routledge 2016); and Keywords for Environmental Studies (New York University Press, 2016). I am best known for my monograph, American Indian Literature, Environmental Justice and Ecocriticism: The Middle Place (University of Arizona Press, 2001) which has been cited in dozens of languages, translated into Mandarin, and had the introduction reprinted in several “introduction to ecocriticism” textbooks.

This book, together with my co-edited collection, The Environmental Justice Reader: Politics, Poetics, and Pedagogy were published at the leading edge of the environmental justice movement and helped shape transnational American Studies. Both books have been credited with helping to shift the direction of environmental literary studies towards environmental justice.

It has been my privilege in the last fifteen years to be invited to lecture across the US, and in Australia, China, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and Taiwan. I have revised these talks into over 70 published articles, chapters and reviews exploring global indigenous literatures, multispecies relationship, food justice, critical plant studies, eco-digital humanities and the arts of futurity.

Currently, I am a Professor of Environmental Humanities in the Department of English at Arizona State University where I direct the Environmental Humanities Initiative at the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Humanities. I invite you to find more information about all these activities and projects on this website.

Joni Adamson